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GHG Inventorization

CII - Godrej GBC will facilitate organisation to inventorize their overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (both direct and indirect emissions including process emissions, energy, transport, etc) at their facilities in line with internationally accepted guidelines/ standards The study will also validate data collection methods and identify any gaps in the existing data. Carbon footprint study (or GHG inventorization study) would also serve as a baseline for further improvements with specific targets for reduction of GHG emissions.

The purpose of this GHG Study is to:

  • Enable organizations to develop emissions inventories following internationally recognized GHG accounting and reporting principles and develop a carbon footprint for organization to serve as a basis towards organization's climate change goals.
  • Identify options to reduce emissions intensity across various process and sources.
  • Development of a low carbon roadmap for GHG reduction including the identification of organisation specific GHG reduction opportunities to pursue low carbon growth.

Following activities are carried out as part of GHG Inventorization Study:

  • Detailed baseline carbon footprint study in line with internationally accepted protocols/ tools
  • Validation of existing accounting process in place & identification of gaps in data
  • Establishment of GHG emission intensity in terms of tons of CO2/ tones of production
  • Comparison of the GHG emission intensity with various other companies (of similar product)
  • Preparation of strategy and roadmap to reduce the GHG emissions intensity in short term, medium term and long term.
  • Preparation of detailed inventory report

As a part of the carbon footprint Study, CII - Godrej GBC would verify and validate the data taken for carbon footprint estimation.

CII has, in the past, worked with various companies, on developing their carbon footprint and supporting their low carbon development. The carbon footprint study helped in identifying the major contributors to GHG emissions in these companies and enabled the identification of mitigation options to reduce their GHG emissions.

CII Godrej GBC has also supported various state government in establishing carbon footprint for their State. In past CII has worked with the State Government of Meghalaya, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in developing the carbon footprint and also identifying state level GHG reduction opportunities.

In addition to the above, CII has also developed Low Carbon Technology Roadmap for Indian Cement Sector in partnership with various national and international agencies. The objective of the roadmap is to support the cement sector in India to reduce their emission intensity by 45% by 2050. CII is also facilitating many cement companies in implementing this roadmap by supporting them in various initiatives such as energy efficiency, alternate fuel and raw material utilization, benchmarking, etc.