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Detailed & Mandatory Energy Audits

Energy audits are mandatory for Designated Consumers, as per a 2014 notification by the Govt. of India. Under BEE regulations (2010), the first mandatory energy audit should be conducted by an Accredited Energy Auditor within 18 months of the date of notification (i.e., 27th May, 2014). The subsequent audits should be conducted once every three years.

CII-Godrej GBC has a team of experienced, expert Energy Engineers who conduct Detailed Energy Audits for all types of industries - Chemical & Petrochemical, Cement, Tyre, Sugar, Paper, Automobile, Textile & Textile Processing, Foundry, Iron & steel, Engineering Ceramic, Synthetic Fibers, Hotel & Commercial Buildings, etc.

We have 36 energy audit professionals, including 9 Accredited Energy Auditors, 16 Certified Energy Auditors, and 11 Energy Engineers, working from Hyderabad and New Delhi.

CII-Godrej GBC has conducted more than 1,950+ Detailed Energy Audits, covering various industrial sectors. These audited units have collectively achieved annual recurring energy savings of INR 2,950 million.