Young and Emerging Leaders in Energy Efficiency 2022

India is one of the largest economies and the 2nd most populous country in the world. Since the last few years, India, based on its growing economic and demographic prowess, has steadily been emerging as one of the economic giants of the world. Over the last five years, India's GDP has grown at an average rate of about 6-7%, and its energy consumption has increased at a similar rate to meet the ever-increasing energy demand for sustaining economic growth.

Today, India is at a certain stage of economic development where increase in energy demand is inevitable, and this increasing demand is resulting in a significant stress on the existing resource pool and government spending. This economic development is coupled with rapid industrialization & urbanization where the demand of energy has just taken off and would only further accelerate. In case of primary energy consumption, in 2012, India was the third largest energy consumer in the world, with 809 Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (Mtoe) in 2018, which is 1.75 times more than the energy consumption of Africa . India is also heavily dependent on imports for meeting its energy demands and this is one of the concern areas for energy security.

It has been almost two decades since the enactment of the Energy Conservation Act and the effective result of the implementation can be inferred from the trend of decreasing energy intensity. A report by IEA on India Energy Outlook mentioned that the efforts by the Government of India have prevented 6% of additional energy use in 2017, which means that the Energy Conservation Act has provided the necessary stimulus to the ongoing energy conservation and efficiency efforts.

However, more ambitious efforts are required by various stakeholders to achieve climate change goals set under the Paris Agreement, and energy efficiency is a key lever to achieve these goals.

The National Awards for Excellence in Energy Management is instituted by CII, to catalyze significant and innovative practices in the energy efficiency sector, for facilitating an energy efficient and sustainable growth of the Indian industry. With these awards, CII aims to recognize efforts by industries for their outstanding achievements and implementing new and innovative energy efficiency measures.

Award Flow

Objective of the Awards
  • To recognise and reward excellence in energy efficiency.
  • To facilitate sharing of knowledge and implementation of best practices among the industry units.
  • To inculcate a culture and spirit of innovation, with the aim to help all the sectors in India achieve world class energy efficiency standards.

Eligibility: - Individual
The individual must be born on or after 1 January, 1982.


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